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What is a Direct Repair Facility?

Direct Repair Facilities have been set up through the insurance companies to ease the process of repairing your vehicle after an accident. When you have been involved in a collision and report it to your insurance company, Aim will handle the rest. Sound easy? It is! We write the estimate, fax it along with digital pictures to your insurance company, schedule your job in a timely manner, order your parts, and make the arrangements for your rental car. This is all done as part of a one-step process the day you walk into our shop, taking away the hassle for the customer. Aim guarantees your vehicle for as long as you own your car. Direct Repair Facilities are selected on merits such as quality, honesty, and integrity. We have state of the art equipment such as a computerized measuring system, spray  booth, and a computerized paint mixing system to guarantee your color matches. All this bringing your vehicle back to your pre-loss condition;Anything we can do for our customers, we will. If you have questions about the benefits of a Direct Repair Facility, please come down and let us explain the process.  

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