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Paint Care Tips

Caring for a Freshly Painted Vehicle
•Wash by hand or touch-less car-wash, not a commercial brush or soft cloth system.
•In the summer, wash in the shade with cold water.  In the winter, wash with warm water.
•Do not use detergents or cleaners- use only water.
•After wash, wipe off all water spots with a clean, soft cloth
•Do not wax, polish, or apply any sealant products for at least 90 days after painting.
•Keep vehicle from unnecessary extremes of high and low temperatures. •Avoid parking under trees or near industrial facilities with heavy fall out/smoke.
•Avoid driving on gravel roads


Detailing your Car Detailing your car regularly can keep it looking new longer. Here are some tips from the experts.


•Start with the interior so you won’t mess up a freshly cleaned exterior.

•Vacuum carpets and seats and then remove stains with stain remover and a brush. Let seats and carpet dry completely.

•Clean the non-cloth portions of your vehicle with a soapy solution and a soft cloth. Use cotton swabs or brushes to clean the cracks. Dry thoroughly.

•Don’t spray cleaner directly on the dashboard; apply cleaner directly to your rags and other cleaning tools.

•Clean your windshield last with glass cleaner, drying thoroughly to minimize streaks.

•Begin the exterior detail with your wheels. Use a car washing solution rather than household detergents to ensure you don’t strip the wax from your wheels. Use a pressure hose or a brush to scrub.

•Wash the rest of the car in sections, ensuring you change your water and rag often. •Use smaller tools like brushes to focus on the detailed areas around your mirrors, door handles and grill.

•Dry your vehicle thoroughly with a chamois, and wax, if desired.

•Clean your exterior windows last.

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